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We offer cost efficient management services, hardware and software solutions for the travel industry. PCI-compliant retail solutions including handheld point of sale devices, onboard software and back office solutions designed to suit your needs.

  • Rugged Handheld Point of Sale (POS) Hardware
    • One Device can be used for Onboard Retail, Duty Free and Inventory Scanning and Management!
    • 15 million devices in use world wide
    • US-Based Support Program and Safety Stock for Hardware
  • Back Office and POS Software
  • Devices and Software are inherently PCI-compliant!
  • Flexible solutions can deploy software or complete with onboard POS devices or a mix
  • Online Client Portal for communications, planning materials and reporting
  • Service and Product Development
  • Service and Provision Scheduling
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management Control
  • Galley Planning
    • Cart and Drawer Diagrams
    • Cart and Tray Location
    • Loading Optimization  (Keeping in Mind Space Constraints and Flight Attendants’ Requirements)