Duty Free

Management Services or Concession
International Network of Products
One Device Fits All Onboard Retail Needs


  • Integrated Management Services
    • Fully Outsourced Solutions
    • Management of Retail Sales Data, Sourcing and Procurement
    • We have Services to Meet Your Needs
  • Premium selection of products
    • Single Products
    • Bundles
  • Food and Retail Product Selection
    • Product Mix Optimization
    • Optimized Boarding Quantities Based on Consumption Patterns
  • Marketing Material
    • Brochures and Video
    • Cart and Onboard Branding Opportunities
    • Exclusive Offers, Collectors-Editions
    • Promotions, utilizing Sporting, Music and Cultural events
    • Co-Branding opportunities
    • Market-specific strategies and products
    • Creation and distribution of Duty-Free Catalogs/Brochures
    • Additional Duty-Free Sales Opportunities through online sales programs
  • Onboard sales devices
    • Easy to use, ruggedized devices
    • Same devices can be used for Onboard Retail and Inventory Scanning/Tracking
  • Results monitoring
    • Sales Tracking
    • Product Usage
    • Customer Request Tracking/ Flight
    • Crew Commission/ Incentives Tracking
  • Merchant Account – Credit Card Processing Solutions
  • Training and Change Management
    • Software and Devices
  • Proven record of successful Duty-Free management with strong revenue and financial results